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John Danner
Chairman, Native American Communictions (TV) and Producer/Director, "We Are Family"


Mr. Danner is producing the Washington DC World Command and Communications Center for the GreenMotion World-Wide Trek following the Olympics from 8.8.8 (August 8th, 2008) through September 10th, 2010

John Danner has 40 years of experience in public-private partnerships in business, government, non-profits and Native American economic development. He is the Chairman of Native American Communications and Director for The International Association of Merchant Banks Investment Companies, IAMBIC Ltd. He sits on several boards and advises Reach the Children, Sharing Hands International, and IBT, among other charitable organizations.  He has personally worked with United States Presidents including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.  Mr. Danner was instrumental in creating and organizing the “President’s Summit on America’s Future”.  This event included all living presidents along with their spouses, General Colin Powell, Fortune 1,000 Corporations, over 12,000 national non-profit organizations, 100 American Mayors, and 27 Governors. 

Mr. Danner has developed and produced special projects with the United States Conference of Mayors, The World Conference of Mayors, the National Governors Association, National Association of State Legislators and Congress.  He produced concert events at the American Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and on the National Mall for “The 9/11 Commemoration”, and National Youth Service. He has worked with several Cabinet members including Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, focusing upon networking all 100,000 public schools in the United States, mobilizing more then $2.5 billion worth of resources. Mr. Danner is an expert in mass communications.  Several examples of his outstanding work: building the Tenant Television Network through The Honorable Jack Kemp, then Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  He has produced videoconferences for 500 American cities, has represented the Airline Ambassadors as Ambassador in Washington D.C., and is a member of “Connect America” a non-profit organization composed of 75 similar organizations with over 50 million members. He is a member of the National Press Club.

Mr. Danner produced the Points of Light Foundation “We are Family” Campaign to mobilize funds and resources for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita victim relief.  He has produced and performed at the National Cathedral, Washington DC for the InterFaith Council Concert.   He has been an Executive Director for the Global Family Foundation unanimously endorsed in formal resolution by the States House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States Congress.  John is a Washington DC Rotarian working with foreign ambassadors and fund raising.  He has been honored by Washington, DC Mayor Williams.  John has been the Master of Ceremonies and hosted several Congressional events.

Internationally, John has worked with Nelson Mandela of South Africa, The Gandhi foundation in India, President Obasanjo of Nigeria, Shari Belafonte in Kenya, the World Conference of Mayors, Jamaica and Beijing, Dalai Lama and Wisdom Keepers, UN-NYC and Hibakusha in Hiroshima, Japan.  John has produced and/or promoted benefit concerts including Steve Wozniak’s US Festival, California with 600,000 people and Quincy Jones We Are The Future, in Rome with 660,000 people.  John is on the board of Global Broadcasting Foundation and Global Learning Foundation.  He is a Regent and Philanthropic Development Officer of the National Heritage Foundation, which represents nearly 10,000 foundations in the United States. Because of his numerous successes, he has been asked to produce the Olympics Arts Sculpture Exhibition Tour at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. 

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